The concerns regarding styling your hair as per every occasion are ever-present. You are aware of the styles which you are going to try on a special occasion or on a regular one for that matter. What most people are looking for are tips and tricks which can work on almost every occasion. These tips are customizable depending upon the hair quality and style but there are some tips which can work for nearly every individual on every occasion.

  1. Simple ponytail

A simple, sleek ponytail is not only suitable for work and regular outings bit if handled tastefully; it is ravishing on special occasions as well. This is one look which neither gets old nor gets boring. It gives a chic look and is suitable for almost every hairstyle unless you have the length shorter than the shoulder. “To keep afro hair hydrated and create a super-sleek finish, stock up on nourishing oil treatments,” says Luke Hersheson. It gives an attractive glass-like finish. It also adds a little mystery behind your personality. With the right products, you can rock this look at the office and also on some special occasions.

  1. Top braided buns

This hairstyle has the most diverse applications. It can be seen ranging from being fashioned decently in your workplace to being beautifully sculptured at your wedding. It is one of the most common yet dynamic hairstyles available on deck. This hairdo is most commonly recommended by bridal hair stylists also. Bridal hairdresser Sydney proudly recommends this hairdo on the occasions of weddings and reception. Accessories come in handy when you show off this look. If you are going for a work look, you can fashion it a regular manner but if you are attending your or someone else’s wedding, you can fashion it with ornate accessories to add the cherry on top in this look.

  1. Wavy hairdo

Whether you have straight and shiny hair or curly hair, effortless waves go a long way in garnishing your look. Vogue magazine says that this look has been seen on runways at Chanel and Etro in the recent season. It works best if the hair already does have a natural texture for it. The waves, if made in a manner convenient for the particular hair type can be a topic of jealousy between friends. Adam Reed, co-founder of Percy & Reed suggests that after the first day, one should try a dry shampoo to “revive lackluster waves”. The experts from L’oreal suggest that if you have naturally curly hair or afro vintage look, then you should smooth or straighten it before starting on the waves.

  1. Messy bun

This is the quickest, easiest way of pulling off any look of the year. It is the preferred look of many celebrities and even the Duchess of Sussex who wears it not only on formal events but on relaxed days as well. This option does not need any expert hands or expensive tools. All it needs is for you to carry back your hair delicately with your fingers and make a bun. As for the suitable hair type, this look is suitable for every hair type. This hairstyle does not have any strict parameters or techniques. You can create it as per your whims and wishes. “I love using an unexpected accessory, a vintage brooch or leather tassel,” says Adam Reed

  1. The Fringe look

A hairdo with a little fringe will make you fabulous all day. This works on every weather condition and therefore comes under one of the top choices for a hairstyle. Andrew Barton, celebrity hairdresser suggests that for thinning hair, “a shorter hair cut or fringe will help make your style look fuller and stronger” You have to add a blow-drying routine to your schedule to keep your fringes intact and use shampoo on those fringes to make them last longer.

It is important to add a few general tips that the experts suggest everyone include in their hair care routine for achieving the above mentioned or any other hairstyle-