Do you want to take your better half on a date for a special occasion that he/ she will remember forever? Or you want to do something completely different on your first date with your special someone? Or maybe it’s a special occasion like an anniversary or a birthday and you want it to be different than your candle night dinners. Don’t worry there are plenty of date night ideas that will beat your candle night dinners easily.

Netflix and chill is no longer the new, unique date night idea. In a time when everything is available at a click of a button and at home, very few people are stepping out for the perfect date night. Although dates at home with meals cooked together and favourite movies are a great way to spend some quality and comfortable time together. But, dressing up and going out for a date is still the best way to show affection and have a truly, memorable time.

If the candle night date is too old and cliched for you, then here are some unique date night ideas for you to surprise your partner with.

  1. Amusement Park

Take your better half out for a day of fun and silly adventures at an amusement park. Let the inner child out in both of you with the exciting rides of an amusement park and win prizes for your date by playing games at the park. End the date with an ice cream cone of your date’s favourite flavour.

  1. Night Drive in Sydney

A drive where you’re concentrating on the road and your date wants you both to enjoy the view and hold hands, is not such a good idea for a date night. Hire a professional chauffeur service in Sydney and enjoy the luxury of champagne in the car and the night views of Sydney. A chauffeur will ensure you have the most comfortable and romantic drive on your date night. He will go at a stable speed so that you can take in all the views that beautiful Sydney has to offer at night. You can end the night with a nice dinner at a scenic, picnic spot which your chauffeur can drive you to.

Companies that provide luxury wedding cars in Sydney can also arrange a stylish limo for you to wow your date.

  1. Animal Shelter

Spend an entire day with cute furry creatures and get lots of adorable pictures clicked. A date filled with lots of dogs and your loved one can just never go wrong. Take some dog treats and toys to play with them. If your date is a fan of cats instead, then take him/ her to a cat shelter or just go to a common animal shelter where you can spend time with different animals and have a unique experience.

  1. Museums and Art Galleries

It may sound and read boring, but even a boring museum and art gallery can be fun if you go with your date. Learn and discover new facts and information, analyse art at Sydney’s famous museums and art galleries and end the date with a cute dinner at some cafe or restaurant. You will be surprised as to how interesting a museum can be when you go with your better half.


The idea of doing a unique date is to do something that you and your date haven’t done before. Experience something that is unlike your usual dates. It could be something small or something really extravagant, but a date which is unique is a date which is remembered. Even if you want to go for a candlelight dinner, do something different before that so that it can be a mix of something unique and something romantic, both.