Hen parties are meant for fun and endless memories for the groom and his best mates. It is the last party of your dearest buddy before he officially goes to someone else to get tamed. For this only reason, it becomes the responsibility of not only the best man but every other person present at the party to make the night the best he has ever had. Keeping aside the much anticipated drama of drunk men, here are a few ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ for a lesser dramatic and more amazing Hens party. Whether you are planning hens nights in Sydney or in Europe, these tips will come in handy.

Hen Party

Do make sure you discuss the guest list with the groom before sending out the invitations for the party. It is of utmost importance the groom knows who all are a present and also that he likes all those who are present. Any awkward encounters must be avoided for the best. Don’t invite anyone whom the groom does not approve off. You will know that your lad isn’t happy if his ‘not so friendly’ office colleague turns up on your invitation. Since it is his big day, all those people for whom he actually has strong affection should be present. Do make all the arrangements according to the groom’s will. Put in all your effort to fulfil all his wishes for his hens party. Also, don’t forget to make the payments for his room beforehand. The groom definitely deserves a bed of his own while the others can manage on the floor. Lol. Don’t let the party become self-centred or only catering to the whims and fancies of the big boy. Make arrangements in a manner that everyone has things to do that are according to their interest. Also, there must be sufficient space for all so that your friends can have some rest.

Hen Party Activities

Do plan all the hens activities you have in mind for the party beforehand so that you may have some time to make any modifications if required. It is the day to pamper your boy so don’t let the party only be about booze and more booze. Have fun games and make the groom speak out his secrets in the open. Don’t do anything dangerous or too adventurous in order to have fun. Everyone’s safety is of paramount importance. Do have a sufficient amount of booze and food in store for all your super dudes. No party is ever considered any good if the booze falls short. Storing of a good amount of drinks must be a priority in your checklist. It is only after a few shots of drinks when the real fun begins at the party. Don’t over stuff. Having a bit extra of drinks is not harmful but having enormously large quantities of extra liquor can be dangerous. You definitely don’t want the groom or other of your buddies lying on the floor, completely sloshed.

Stag Weekend

If you are planning a stag weekend getaway on a budget, do calculate the budget consciously. Keep with yourself some extra cash in case any such scenario arises. Even after making all the payments, you must have some extra money left in the budget for an immediate need. Don’t assume that everyone present in the party has money to burn. It is not necessary if everyone will be comfortable with shelling some extra bucks in. Do try and arrange the party a few days prior to the wedding. It will definitely give the groom and his boys some time to rest after their crazy hens night or weekend. Don’t arrange for the hens party immediately before the wedding and then attend the ceremony with your eyes red and heads in the hangover. No one would like a groom in a hangover. Do keep in check yourself and also keep the others in check, especially the groom. As the best man, it is your responsibility to make sure that the groom is at the altar with a bright smile and not down in hangover. Don’t let the party turn into a mess by making the booze available inexplicitly. You must know when to put the cork back on the bottle if you think the situation is going out of control.