Travelling can be quite exhausting! And if you are travelling alone with your entire luggage, things get a lot more challenging. As soon as we step out of the airport, all we want to do is quickly reach our home or the hotel room, and crash on the soft fluffy bed for a long, relaxing nap. However, how comfortable will be the journey in between the airport and the hotel (or home), is a big question. Imagine having to run after cab with your entire luggage after a long flight? Or waiting in long queue just to get into a taxi!

In order to avoid all these unwanted situations, you can just hire airport transfer services. They will act as your saviour and provide you with the comfort of proper conveyance. There are a few companies in London providing airport transfer service.  EC MiniBus guarantees that whenever you hire them, a car will be always waiting for you whenever you arrive. They take all sorts of transfer requests in order to make your journey the most comfortable and reliable one. They also provide transport to UK cruise terminals and sea ports 24/7 a day, throughout the year.

Various cons of hiring other mode of transportation :

Whenever you are hiring a mode of conveyance to or from the airport, you need to keep certain things in mind. These particular things and specific requests will only be fulfilled by the companies providing cars for airport transfer only. Other service providers might not take all your requests into account, causing a great deal of inconvenience. In short, it is safe to say, whenever you have flight to catch or need to travel from the port of Southampton to London airport, it is always better to choose airport transfer service. Here are the cons:

  • Hotel shuttles : If you are very picky about hotels, you might be more concerned about the property rather than the ones providing airport transfer services. Sending cars to the airports is not the priorities of the hotels. So, even if they do provide this service, they might send a very few cars to the airport in one day. The timings might not match with your flight timings at all. So, even if you avail it, you might have to wait for long hours in the airport, making the entire thing uncomfortable for you.
  • Taxis : If your hotel is an hour or more away from the airport, taking a cab might not be the most economical and pocket friendly option. Moreover, if you are travelling with your entire family, then it is impossible for everyone and all the luggage to fit into one cab. In this case, more than one taxi has to be taken, again making the process uneconomical. Another major problem might arise if you don’t speak the local language. There is a big chance that miscommunication will end up causing a lot of unnecessary troubles.
  • Uber or any other app cab : If your mobile phone has been acting up lately, then hiring an Uber (or any similar app-based cab) through the mobile app can cause a lot of trouble. It becomes extremely unreliable as you don’t know whether it will work properly in the last moment or not. Moreover, in such a case, you might even accidently order a ride type which you didn’t even want in the first place. Apart from these, Uber app might not even work in certain cities and might now allow picking up from certain airports. Along with these, you always have to be prepared for the case of surge pricing. 

There will always be some sort of trouble related to all these alternatives. So in order to reach the airport safely and on time, it is always better to hire airport transfer service.